Does Michael Bloomberg Know How to Eat Ice Cream?

Does Michael Bloomberg Know How to Eat Ice Cream?

It hasn’t been long since a fake Bloomberg 2020 “campaign video” duped the online world. Which is exactly why a bizarre new Michael Bloomberg campaign video posted on Twitter last night prompted a thorough check that the verified account with the display name “Team Bloomberg” and the handle @Mike2020 was legit. Alas, it is.

The video in question is titled “Mike Love Big Gay Ice Cream,” followed by the heart eyes, rainbow flag, and ice cream emojis. Watch it and you’ll undoubtedly share our confusion:

In it, the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate holds up his hand as though holding an invisible cone and asks, “Where is my ice cream?” He’s given a pint, from which he half-heartedly stabs a small melty spoonful of ice cream that he eats with a mediocre “mmmh.” He holds it up so its rainbow-patterned design can be seen and says with little excitement, “Big Gay Ice Cream is the best,” referring to the chain with locations in New York City and Philadelphia.

It is the most awkward and least thrilled ice cream-eating experience we have perhaps ever seen, and the video—which feels like part ad for Big Gay Ice Cream and part Boomer discovers TikTok—inexplicably ends there. It makes no mention of why one might want to vote for Bloomberg compared to the other 12 people in the race, and in fact, if one wants a President who enjoys ice cream, this video does nothing to help Bloomberg’s standing.

This is likely part of the campaign’s push to show his commitment to the LGBTQ+ community, as the Team Bloomberg account has been tweeting since early yesterday. But still. Someone please explain how and, more importantly, why this specific video happened. We’d take “Moves Like Bloomberg” over this any day.